The Dingotone Liquid Gold Phaser is a 6-stage full analog phaser with up to 1080 degrees of sweep, all in a tiny pedal-board friendly housing.

This is no ordinary phaser – it adds movement without being “in-your-face”.  It will take some time for the LGP to settle onto your board. Perseverance will reap great rewards. You have never heard anything quite like this pedal…

The LGP is vintage inspired:

  • it will play perfectly with your clean and low-gain rigs
  • it is not designed to use with high-gain rigs
  • you will get some noise with your amp cranked (light hiss and ticking – unavoidable with the vintage circuit)

If a smooth vintage phaser is what you need for your rig, then look no further. If you are looking for an in-your-face phaser, a “jet” phaser, a phaser to go with your cranked Recto, or a modern noise-free studio-grade effect, then the LGP probably isn’t for you.


This is Calgary band BlackSnake Moan