Discontinued Pedals

Due to high demand for production pedals, Discontinued pedals are currently only available special order. Please email us at sales@dingotone.com for current price and delivery time.

These pedals are made-to-order so various enclosure colors and knob type/colors are available. After ordering a Discontinued Pedal, please contact us on sales@dingotone.com to discuss your color and knob preferences – we’ll get as close as we can.

Standard “powder coat” enclosure colors are: Natural aluminum; Black; White; Red; Purple; Orange; and Cobalt Blue.

Non-standard colors can also be provided (eg. metallic sparkle), however, please be aware that the paint used is not quite as durable as the powder-coat (that’s chemistry for you!)

Discontinued Pedals are supplied either unlabeled, or with stamped labels. Let us know your preference.

SQO – Seventies Quad-opamp Overdrive

This pedal was designed as a “proof of concept”. Was it possible to build a pedal with all modern components that sounds just like a vintage pedal? Most definitely, YES!

The SQO is a sound-alike tribute to the quad-opamp (RC3403), silver-screw, long-dash vintage Boss OD-1 **. The SQO is not a “vintage copy” – the circuit layout is very different, the components are all brand new, and no attempt was made to capture “vintage mojo”. The only thing replicated was the circuit function.

In the A-B testing of the SQO against the workshop OD-1 shown below there is almost no discernable difference in tone.

As the SQO was a proof-of-concept, only twenty pedals were made in the initial limiited production run (all long since sold). There has been ongoing interest in the SQO so it has been made available here in the Custom Shop.

VSW – Vintage Swell

This pedal is a work-alike tribute to the vintage Boss SG-1 pedal. Take the heart of an SG-1 and wrap 3PDT true-bypass around it. What you get is a transparent, usable swell pedal that will give you violin sounds like no other!

The VSW sounds just like an SG-1. Every VSW pedal is hand calibrated with a purpose built test rig then tested against our untouched workshop 1980 vintage SG-1.

While the VSW gives pure vintage swell, it is technically different to the vintage pedal in a number of areas:

  • The VSW is true-bypass. There is no FET switching as in the original.
  • The VSW uses modern components where appropriate – the signal path contains all metalized polyester capacitors unlike the electrolytic capacitors in the original, and the small-signal transistors are all modern low-noise specification.

This makes no difference to the operation of the swell effect, and it does open the sound up a fraction.

We have been careful to ensure that the two hearts of the beast (the vintage specification 2SK30A FET and 741 opamp) are completely genuine.

The VSW was discontinued in 2011, however, as there has been ongoing interest in the VSW it has been made available here in the Custom Shop.

More information can be found in the users manual here.


I did a staight A/B with the VSW (and my vintage SG-1) earlier today and there isn’t a lot of difference. Perhaps the VSW has slightly more ‘presence’ – hard to put my finger on it – just sounds better somehow – similar to what the HZD does.

Now I’ve heard both Laurie, I’d say the VSW is a perfect sonic replica.  If I wasn’t an obsesive Boss collector / completist and just wanted the effect in my rig, I’d be very happy without an SG-1.

**Boss is a trademark of Roland Corporation