The Mission

Our mission is to design, build and sell for a reasonable price pedals that our customers love to play.

We have been carrying out this mission since 2007 and have been under the Dingotone banner since 2011. All our products are made in Calgary, Canada.

At Dingotone we believe that playing electric guitar is all about “feel” – the physical and emotional feel of the mechanical-acoustic system formed by the loop of body-hands-instrument-pedals-amplifier-air-body.

Making a pedal that gives the right sensations in the mechanical-acoustic loop (feels good to play) is the art. Knowing about electronics is the “price of entry” into this realm, but it is not nearly enough. The electronics is simply a tool to enable the art to be created.

We believe that for the art to be “right”, the pedal has to be designed by players who come from the environment you come from and play the music you like to play. It is also necessary for the pedal to be made to exacting quality standards from premium components.

Every Dingotone pedal is designed and hand built in North America. We have been enjoying and playing the same music that you enjoy and play for our entire lives. We know with our hearts, ears and hands what it takes to make a pedal feel good.

We only build quality products. Every Dingotone pedal has been through a comprehensive Quality Assurance (QA) process that started with purchasing:

  • Parts are only purchased from reputable suppliers with whom we have a long term relationship. The parts in every Dingotone pedal won’t let you down, because those parts are already working without fault in hundreds of other pedals in the field.
  • Some parts are soak-tested before using them in a pedal to ensure you won’t have an “infantile failure”. For example, LEDs are soak tested in a purpose built test rig. The LED in your pedal has been through over 10,000 flash cycles to prove it will stand the test of time.
  • Some pedals require careful matching of component values to extract the best tone…. Where appropriate, components are hand matched using state-of-the-art test equipment prior to installation on the circuit board.
  • Every circuit board goes through a rigorous QA process where over a dozen checks are performed before the circuit board is installed in your pedal.
  • Every pedal is visually inspected prior to final test to ensure it is up to standard.
  • Pedals with internal trim/bias controls are precision adjusted using professional test equipment (e.g. Fluke meters, Tektronix scopes).
  • Every single pedal, without exception, is then tested by a musician for tone and feel using a standard reference guitar and amplifier.

And because Dingotone has experienced engineers and scalable production capability, we can provide our premium quality pedals at mass-market prices.


Big Sky Drive’s and Liquid Gold Phaser’s are back in stock!

December 19, 2012

We are pleased to announce that the Big Sky Drive, and the new Liquid Gold Phaser are back in stock.

The Big Sky Drive is a wonderfully different kind of overdrive that produces complex, colourful, and dynamic American-style overdrive tones, while allowing all the character and nuance of your guitar to shine through. The active EQ and Drive control give you a wide variety of tones. All settings of the Drive knob are useful and inspiring.

The Liquid Gold Phaser is our latest pedal.

This unique phaser is based on an old circuit from the 70’s but redesigned to give you an authentic, vintage-sounding phaser with 6-stages of phase shifting and a Level control.  Get everything from a subtle wobble, to a dizzying frenzy. The added Level control gives you enough boost to push your amp into overdrive, or raise the volume of the Phaser, just enough to fit perfectly in the mix.

The Liquid Gold Phaser is popular!

October 27, 2012

We’re now working on the second production run.  Unsolicited REVIEW of the LGP we received this week.

An unsolicited comment about the LGP…

September 29, 2012

“I got the LGP home and played it for quite a while… it sounds frickin awesome!”

LGP phaser first production run is ready!

August 29, 2012

Check it out HERE.  Grab one from the STORE today.