Tone. Feel. Passion. Reliability.

Dingotone is great tone from rugged, well-designed pedals that are handmade in Calgary with love and passion.

TONE: From expertly crafted new tones to thoughtfully re-engineered vintage standards, every pedal will enhance your playing experience, guaranteed**.

FEEL: Decades of experience, vintage design and manufacturing techniques, and hand-selected vintage specification components all come together to give you a pedal that sounds and feels superb.

PASSION: Designed and built in Calgary, Canada with passion by musicians and engineers who play the same music that you play. Dingotone’s designers and field-test team put their heart and soul into every pedal.

And Dingotone owners love their pedals:
– “Really impressed with this thing” review from a user in the USA on
– “I cannot stress enough, how badly everyone needs one of these pedals” AH, Ireland
– “It’s the best sounding pedal I own” KN, Scotland

RELIABILITY: Decades of design experience plus reliable components result in a rock-solid pedal. Dingotone pedals have a no-hassle replacement warranty (but we’re confident you won’t need it!)

Analog Phaser

Clean Boost

Transparent Overdrive

Fat Distortion

Silicon Fuzz

Silicon/Germanium Fuzz


** Unless noted on a specific product, all purchases from Dingotone come with a seven day no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee.