Details, Specifications and Testimonials

The DingoTone Classic Seventies Fuzz (“CSF”) is the best silicon fuzzface you’ve ever heard.

It captures the heavy distortion tone of guitar legends from the late sixties through to today – a tone that has been used in countless recordings and on countless stages.


  • Drive – from overdrive to full-on fuzz!
  • Level – zero to mild boost (allowing you to overdrive your amp).

RESPONSIVE TO GUITAR VOLUME: The CSF cleans up properly when you wind back the guitar volume.

DARKNESS AND LIGHT: There is some magic inside this pedal… Wind back your guitar volume to decrease the dirt and the tone goes from full, fat fuzz down through awesome rock distortion to almost clean with a little overdrive – staying crisp the whole time.

Wind back the Drive control on the pedal to decrease the dirt and the tone goes darker and more brooding.

There is a huge amount of control for a pedal with just two simple knobs!

TRUE SILICON FUZZFACE TONE: Months of testing and auditioning was required to find transistors that sounded “right”. To ensure that your pedal sounds right, every batch of transistors is tested for gain and auditioned for tone prior to installation.

PREMIUM COMPONENTS: The CSF is constructed from premium components, including an audiophile grade input capacitor, metallized polyester tone path capacitors, and military grade resistors (they just sound better!)

TRUE BYPASS: The CSF has proper (3PDT) True Bypass. We have worked hard to minimise the inevitable true bypass clicking.

LOW POWER:The CSF operates from internal battery or external 9VDC power (standard “center negative”). Current draw is around 5mA so it won’t load down your power supply and a battery lasts 40+ hours.

PEDALBOARD FRIENDLY: The CSF comes in our pedal-board friendly small enclosure (approx. 4½ by 2½ inches).

What does it sound like?

Demos can be found at the bottom of the page… (please scroll down).

With everything cranked, the CSF gives a huge meaty Hendrixy fuzz. With the drive backed off, it gives a credible heavy rock distortion… Acca Dacca and Sabbath from yer amp!

What can it be used for?

The CSF is perfect for rock, heavy rock, alternative, grunge, industrial… and anything that needs heavy distortion.

The CSF is the perfect tool for heavy covers bands.

How was the tone for this pedal developed?

The CSF is a reinvention of the classic silicon fuzzface circuit from the ’70s.

We took the old fuzzface concept and did extensive research to discover what versions sounded the best.

We then spent months revising and tweaking the circuit, auditioning components, and coaxing the maximum tone out of the pedal.

What will this pedal do for you?

Tone: If this isn’t the best silicon fuzzface you have ever heard, simply return it within seven days for a full refund under our satisfaction guarantee.

Value: Our entry-level price simply can’t be beaten – you receive a hand-made, North American pedal for a steal of a price.

Quality and reliability: Every pedal passes over twenty quality tests before it is shipped. We haven’t had a warranty claim in over three years. DingoTone pedals stay on your pedal board – where they belong!

Are you ready to try one?

Try a pedal RISK FREE with our no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee! Visit our Store now and add one to your cart – we’ll ship it to you the next working day! If you wish to return it, simply send it back intact within seven days and we’ll refund your purchase price (all of it), without asking a single question!

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to email

Still undecided? Check out the demos below!



Size 4½ by 2½ inches (115mm by 65mm)
Weight 8.5 ounces, 250 grams pedal
12 ounces, 340 grams packed for shipping
Power 9VDC, center negative. Approx 5mA.


“…maybe I’ve been spoilt by my Dingotone fuzzes (GHF and CSF) which are best-in-class for their respective types”

“My Dingotone CSF arrived today. I’m not easily impressed by fuzzes as I have so many, but this is something different – and could easily become my new favourite fuzz. My current favourite fuzz is my (pedal name deleted) … this CSF has a similar tonality to it, but is much more focussed, which I think is a good thing. The CSF is everything I had hoped my (pedal name deleted) was going to be, and more… I like this one (a lot)!!”

“Let me tell you. My CSF crushes my (pedal name deleted). Like a dog turd under a car wheel, honestly.”