Details, Specifications and Testimonials

The DingoTone Germanium Hybrid Fuzz pedal is a magnificent Germanium hybrid fuzzface with greater depth and complexity than anything you’ve ever heard before!

It captures the heavy distortion tone of guitar legends from the late sixties through to today – a tone that has been used in countless recordings and on countless stages.


  • Drive – from overdrive to full-on fuzz!
  • Level – zero to mild boost (allowing you to overdrive your amp).
  • Trim – controls the “woofiness” which allows you to tune the pedal to your guitar/pick-up type.
  • Power – is a unique external ON / OFF switch that allows you to turn the pedal off to save the battery without having to unplug the input lead.

VETERAN GERMANIUM: Every GHF contains a veteran Germanium (“Ge”) transistor that is right in the “sweet spot”. We test literally thousands of surplus transistors in a purpose built test-rig to find the handful that will give you the perfect tone. The Germanium transistor is then hand-matched with a complimentary Silicon transistor with the perfect gain and tone to create a fuzz that is smooth, complex, and articulate! You have never heard a transistor pairing like this before…

HYBRID MAGIC: So why a “hybrid” pedal? Well, it sounds great.  But more importantly it is easier to dial in – the GHF is a forgiving fuzz (if you’ve ever struggled with a vintage fuzzface, you know what we mean!)

Additionally, the warmth and responsiveness of the Germanium transistor plus the ”body” of the Silicon transistor make the pedal complex sonically, providing you with a rich and detailed territory to explore.

And pairing the veteran Germanium with Silicon greatly increases the temperature stability of the pedal… Did you know that back in the day some studios stored their all Germanium fuzz pedals in the refrigerator until they needed them? Yes, Germanium is that sensitive to temperature!

RESPONSIVE TO GUITAR VOLUME: The GHF cleans up properly when you wind back the guitar volume.

Together with your guitar volume and tone controls the Drive and Trim controls allow you to extract an almost limitless number of fuzz tones from the pedal.

TRUE BYPASS: The GHF has proper (3PDT) True Bypass. We have worked hard to minimise the inevitable true bypass clicking.

PREMIUM COMPONENTS: The GHF is constructed from premium components and we hand measure and select the critical components.

POWER MANAGEMENT: The GHF is a proper PNP positive ground pedal, so using an external power supply is tricky, plus the pedal simply sounds better using battery power. Just like the original, a cheap “dollar store” battery sounds superb! And even a cheap battery lasts hundreds of hours.

A discussion paper about battery power can be found here.

So the GHF is designed as a “battery only” pedal and we’ve added the unique feature of a Power switch so you don’t have to unplug the input lead every time you are finished using it! Simply flick the switch off. Superb!

PEDALBOARD FRIENDLY: The GHF comes in our pedal-board friendly small enclosure (approx. 4½ by 2½ inches).

What does it sound like?

Demos can be found at the bottom of the page… (please scroll down).

With everything cranked, the GHF gives a warm, smooth Hendrixy fuzz. Back off the Drive and head toward heavy rock territory. Back off the guitar volume and head toward classic ‘60s overdrive.

What can it be used for?

The GHF is perfect for rock, heavy rock, alternative, grunge, industrial… and anything that needs heavy distortion.

The GHF sounds fantastic for anything heavy requiring great depth and complexity! It is the perfect tool for heavy covers bands.

How was the tone for this pedal developed?

A few years ago we heard a vintage “fuzz face” pedal that had perfectly matched transistors with gains right in the sweet spot. It was amazing. The richness and warmth and sustain… We loved it!

So we invested months of engineering time reinventing that classic tone. Deceptively simple. Easy to dial in and forgiving. Sonically complex, rich and detailed… The GHF is the best hybrid implementation of the old fuzzface circuit ever created.

What will this pedal do for you?

Tone: The GHF is a truly remarkable pedal. GHF pedals are in use in studios, venues and basements in countries across the world (the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland and Australia to name a few). One of our many GHF users described it as “refined and smooth without forgetting it is a Fuzz“. Another commented “haven’t stopped playing Foxy Lady and Purple Haze…sounds absolutely massive“.

Value: You can’t beat the value. You receive a hand-made North American pedal containing hand-selected Germanium for an excellent price!

Quality and reliability: Every pedal passes over twenty quality tests before it is shipped. We haven’t had a warranty claim in over three years. DingoTone pedals stay on your pedal board – where they belong!

Are you ready to try one?

Try a pedal RISK FREE with our no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee! Visit our Store now and add one to your cart – we’ll ship it to you the next working day! If you wish to return it, simply send it back intact within seven days and we’ll refund your purchase price (all of it), without asking a single question!

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to email

Still undecided? Check out the demos!




Size 4½ by 2½ inches (115mm by 65mm)
(with battery)
10 ounces, 300 grams pedal
14 ounces, 400 grams packed for shipping
Power 9VDC, battery only. Approx 5mA.


“I’m blown away by it…Love it…love it… It’s getting me my dream tone”

“I am stunned at how responsive it is to volume and pick attack”

“The GHF is just mind-blowing”

“…haven’t stopped playing ‘Foxy Lady’ and Purple Haze…..sounds absolutely massive…”

“it’s a lot of fun to use and I found myself using it a lot more than I thought I would… the touch sensitivity it lends to the sound is just ridiculous”