The DingoTone Fat Dingo Distortion (“FDD”) pedal is a workhorse distortion pedal.

Perfect for playing covers and originals, the FDD has the flexibility to be your go-to distortion on stage, in the studio and in the basement. It is a tiny box full of great tone!


  • Dirt – from light distortion to fat and heavy!
  • Level – zero to mild boost (allowing you to overdrive your amp).
  • High and Low EQ – give maximum control allowing you to shape the tone to whatever you need.

RESPONSIVE TO GUITAR VOLUME: The FDD will clean up nicely when you wind back the guitar volume.

TRUE BYPASS: The FDD has proper (3PDT) True Bypass. We have worked hard to minimise the inevitable true bypass clicking.

PREMIUM COMPONENTS: The FDD is constructed from premium components and we hand measure and select components where needed.

LOW POWER:The FDD operates from internal battery or external 9VDC power (standard “center negative”). Current draw is less than 10mA so it won’t load down your power supply and an alkaline battery lasts 20+ hours.

PEDALBOARD FRIENDLY: The FDD comes in our pedal-board friendly small enclosure (approx. 4½ by 2½ inches).

What does it sound like?

Demos can be found at the bottom of the page… (please scroll down).

Keep the Dirt control at minimum for a light crunchy distortion, bring it up through “noon” for some meaty dirt, or crank it up to get an almost fuzzy tone.

The tone stack allows you to dial in almost anything you need – from subtle tweaking of the tone, to searing treble, to huge bass, to cut bass, to scooped mids, to mid-hump. Or leave the EQ at noon and the response is completely flat.

What can it be used for?

The FDD is perfect for rock, soft rock, Southern rock, blues, alternative, grunge, country, gospel, industrial… and anything that needs some straight-forward distortion.

The FDD has the flexibility to provide many different tones making it an excellent tool for covers bands.

How was the tone for this pedal developed?

Musicians using our Big Sky Drive pedal were asking for something heavier, something closer to a hard rock pedal. So we worked with our users to design a pedal that feels like standing in front of a well balanced tube amp stack. With the FDD it’s all about feel. Notes and chords simply feel great to play, particularly at high volume!

Once we had the perfect distortion tone we added an active tone stack and heaps of output level.  The result is a killer distortion pedal that has both “grunt” and spectacular flexibility.

What will this pedal do for you?

Tone: Users regularly comment that it “makes my amp come alive”.

Flexibility: a huge number of tones just flow out of the pedal.

Value: You can’t beat the value. You receive a hand-made North American pedal for an excellent price!

Quality and reliability: Every pedal passes over twenty quality tests before it is shipped. We haven’t had a warranty claim in over three years. DingoTone pedals stay on your pedal board – where they belong!

Are you ready to try one?

Try a pedal RISK FREE with our no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee! Visit our Store now and add one to your cart – we’ll ship it to you the next working day! If you wish to return it, simply send it back intact within seven days and we’ll refund your purchase price (all of it), without asking a single question!

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to email

Still undecided? Check out the demos below!



Size 4½ by 2½ inches (115mm by 65mm)
Weight 8.5 ounces, 250 grams pedal
12 ounces, 340 grams packed for shipping
Power 9VDC, center negative. Less than 10mA.
Input impedance Approximately 1MΩ
Output impedance Approximately 1kΩ


“Using my Peavey Delta Blues all tube amp the FDD came alive. It really worked the 15″ speaker in this combo with a smooth and rich distortion – not a hint of fizz. Again, very quiet and great control across the full tonal range. Sometimes I need a heavy distortion from this amp and the drive channel / boost combination on board the amp doesn’t quite deliver – the FDD easily pushes it into that zone.”

“Using a clean amp sim from a Line6 Flextone III the FDD worked seriously well. The tone controls were very responsive, particularly the bass end – lots of grunt which made that digital amp sound loads more organic and responsive. Very quiet too.”

“I have used it on two gigs so far where I was surprised the tone of this little monster… when Laurie said it was fat…he means FAT…”

“I tried it through two amps….my Marshall setup with the EL-84s in the poweramp and two vintage Greenback speakers in a semi open cab and at home in my nearly built studio through my Musicman combo with KT-77′s in the poweramp section…. guitars used were the 89 strat which is my No-1 and my Yamaha SG 2000′s….. both amps were running clean……. The amount of tones I can get out of the FDD is amazing…pulling the gain right back brings it into the BSD territory if you want, cleanish with some bite…..winding it up to slightly over halfway on the gain is pure Angus/Billy Gibbons…after halfway it can get really heavy if you want that sound… it has a snapper tone that seems to cut through better when I tried it on some chord stuff… for example we do a version of La Grange by ZZ Top and it sounded killer for the quiet bit I just wound down the volume on the guitar and it reacted beautifully…”

“…another general observance I wanted to note about any of the DingoTone stuff I’ve tried…they all react extremely well to the volume knob on the guitar…”

“…one of my favourite settings I come across with the FDD is:
Level at 10 o clock
Gain at about 1 o clock
Treble at about 1 o clock
Bass at about 3 o clock”

This guitarist is using a GHF into the FDD into a BSD:
“I noodled for while tonight with my Les Paul into all three pedals going into my Egnater Tweaker Tube amp. The pedals play very nice together. I can get everything from mild OD to searing, warm, sustained leads with this set up.

On more mellow stuff it worked great to use the BSD for rhythm then add the FDD for leads. On heavier rock, it worked great to use the FDD for crunch rhythm then add the GHF for nicely sustained leads. Plus I could use any of the 3 pedals on their own for leads. This means that on most songs, I can play rhythm, then switch to lead with only on tap, this is a big deal to me.

I also really like the FDD for leads and rhythm with the drive at about 3 o’clock. Overall, I find it really easy to get great sounds out of the FDD, in fact I might grab a second one later.”

“Dear Mr. DingoTone,
Through this letter of appreciation, I’d like to tell you I’m impressed by one of your products in a little
blue box called the FDD – Fat Dingo Distortion.
First of all thumbs up for the Canadian post who actually got your product delivered on my doorstep
within a week. Knowing their more than tortoise speed history, I’d say, well done, chapeau!
But the more important thing is of course my satisfaction of your product, the FDD pedal.
Never in my career have I heard nor played with a distortion pedal that came so close
to sounding like an actual amp. It made me re-check several times if I hadn’t by accident selected
the amp’s overdrive channel, but it was in fact your pedal.
Matter of the fact is, experience taught me most distortion pedals sound shrill, like bees in a jar if you will.
Therefore I never enjoyed using distortion pedals, until this very afternoon when I used your product for
the first time.
But it will certainly not be the last time, I guarantee you that, Mr. Dingotone.
As with all my previous purchases, I will spread the word amongst fellow musicians about how fine
your products are, so that in the end we can all enjoy DingoTone products.

With kind regards,
Another satisfied customer.”