Details, Specifications and Testimonials

The DingoTone Big Sky Drive (“BSD”) pedal is a superb transparent overdrive that uses vintage specification Germanium to get complex and full overdrive tones. It is one of the most flexible overdrive pedals you will ever use.

The BSD will let your distinct tone come through unharmed – and we give you a seven day satisfaction guarantee to prove it!


  • Drive – gives you fine control from light overdrive to almost fuzz tones.
  • Level – zero to mild boost (allowing you to overdrive your amp).
  • High and Low EQ – give maximum control allowing you to shape the tone to your unique style.

TRUE BYPASS: The BSD has proper (3PDT) True Bypass. We have worked hard to minimise the inevitable true bypass clicking.

PREMIUM COMPONENTS: The BSD is constructed from premium components and we hand measure and select components where needed.

LOW POWER: The BSD operates from internal battery or external 9VDC power (standard “center negative”). Current draw is less than 10mA so it won’t load down your power supply and an alkaline battery lasts 20+ hours.

PEDALBOARD FRIENDLY: The BSD comes in our pedal-board friendly small enclosure (approx. 4½ by 2½ inches).

What does it sound like?

Demos can be found at the bottom of the page… (please scroll down).

Keep the Drive control at minimum for a very light overdrive, bring it up through “noon” for some crunchy overdrive that cuts right through, or crank it up to get an edgy, dirty even fuzzy tone.

The tone stack allows you to dial in anything you need – from subtle tweaking of the tone, to searing treble, to huge bass, to cut bass, to scooped mids, to mid-hump. Or leave the EQ at noon and the response is completely flat.

What can it be used for?

The BSD is perfect for rock, blues, country, gospel, folk, Latin, pop, alternative, jazz, and any style that benefits from overdrive.

How was the tone for this pedal developed?

Starting with a clean drawing-board we worked with our development and test team for nearly twelve months to find the perfect transparent overdrive tone.

Prototypes and test pedals were played in venues and basements all over world until we found the tone we were looking for.

Overdrive is hard to do well. It took time, perseverance, and vintage specification Germanium to get it right!

Once we had the perfect overdrive tone we added an active tone stack and heaps of output level. The result is a killer pedal with complex Germanium overdrive tones and spectacular flexibility.

What will this pedal do for you?

Tone: The BSD gives you tone and flexibility. Lots of it. We have many users who have sold their other overdrive pedals and are using only the BSD (this frees up cash for other interesting projects…)

Value: You can’t beat the value. You receive a hand-made North American pedal for an excellent price!

Quality and reliability: Every pedal passes over twenty quality tests before it is shipped. We haven’t had a warranty claim in over three years. DingoTone pedals stay on your pedal board – where they belong!

Are you ready to try one?

Try a pedal RISK FREE with our no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee! Visit our Store now and add one to your cart – we’ll ship it to you the next working day! If you wish to return it, simply send it back intact within seven days and we’ll refund your purchase price (all of it), without asking a single question!

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to email

Still undecided? Check out the demos below!



Size 4½ by 2½ inches (115mm by 65mm)
Weight 8.5 ounces, 250 grams pedal
12 ounces, 340 grams packed for shipping
Power 9VDC, center negative. Less than 10mA.
Input impedance Approximately 1MΩ
Output impedance Approximately 1kΩ


I can tell you ‘NOW’ that there is no better overdrive pedal available

the BSD… always stays sweet and balanced

the BSD has one of the most ear-pleasing EQ ranges I’ve ever heard

BSD with a Stratocaster is heaven

I’ve sold my (pedal name deleted) and other overdrives and am only using my BSD

“I’ve been listening to (local guitarist) for years and I’ve never heard him sound so good”